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Ayurveda Expert Dr. Abhimanyu R. Bhargava

Nadi Expert + Wellness Coach + Ayurvedic Consultant : Dr. Abhimanyu  Bhargava

B.A.M.S., M.Sc., M.Phil., M.D-Bhargav Ayurveda
Sr. Ayurvedic Consultant & Technologist
Spl. In:- Nadi Vaidya, Healthcare & Wellness

To Know More about his profile:–abhimanyu-r–bhargava

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Hammer of Joy is men’s dietary supplement. It is 100% natural safe effective erectile dysfunction medicine. Ensure your perfect life with full of joy and happiness. The composition of the formulation is made up of precious herbal ingredients Ashwgandha, shilajit, safedmusli, astrocantha and many more to provide natural nourishment to penis cells , recharge feel with firmnessand overall wellness of men’s as well.
It helps to improve sexual play & drive, boosting stamina and vigour. Hammer of joy helps to increase testosterone naturally, nourishes male genital part & system, and provides energy and erection with the feel of pleasure happiness.
It also helps to fight from emotional stress and fatigue. Maintain your perfect joy and happiness. It is a formulated on the principle of Ayurvedic medicine in order to cope up physical and mental strength.
Ayurveda a scripture says for happy and married life everyone have Ayurvedic dietary supplement to ensure perfect life enjoy and fitness.

Married persons who don’t  care about intake of men’s dietary supplement gradually they are losing body and mind power, feels deteriorated , incompatible in sexual play , impotence irritated frustrated and anxieties brings and push toward depression fatigue and disinterest in life.
No worry
Ensure your good health and perfect life with Dr.Bhargav’s hammer of joy.
Multiple sets off product design to meet specific need s .We recommend to identify your needs and get it, buy ayurvedic products online now.
Women’s gift your partner on auspicious days like birthday and marriage anniversary. It wills brings closer feel and senses with lovely care.

Hammer of joy is meant to promote sexual function of men It is full of natural anti-oxidant, herbs and minerals that are needed to maintain wellness of the body as well as improve Libido, boost fertility, increase stamina and endurance. It’ s also helps to increase testosterone levels naturally and to cope up emotional stress and fatigue. Hammer of joy also increases the erection of penis by enhancing muscular strength. Regular uses of it with conjunction of Hammer of joy nourish mind and body with intense erection, longer hardness and sex drive satisfaction.


Femo turbo is women’s best supplement with delicious taste granule powder and capsule .It is 100% natural safe effective herbal dietary supplement for women’s health. This pack provides natural essential nutrients to maintain true beauty from the inside out, body and mind wellness. Our product keeps your bone strong, restore mind power with an attractive body shape and beautiful skin glow complexion.Obvious! The true beauty is the reflection of sound mind and body health. Femo turbo recharge, relax, relieves fatigue and weakness, protect you from depression sadness with natural support of full joy in LifeFemo turbo regulate female hormone and relieves your scanty irregular menstrual problem. It helps you to stay fit and energetic.Femo Turbo will help you out from sadness, menstrual pain, week n low feel and aging weaknesses.Women’s Clinical Expert observation and statistics shows that the mostof females in fertile age are suffering from menstrual disorders with irregular scanty menstrual blood output, bloated abdomen, backache and imbalance hormone leading to infertility, POCD, thyroid problems. These problems make life difficult, measurable and restrain you from cheerful, joyful life.Women’s Health Expert suggestions are to stay healthy and fit, to protect from rear and tear, to recharge relax and rejuvenate, nutrients and nutrients of herbal origin to be taken routinely.Over and above the age of thirty five females are on the verge of stop menstrual period, hormonal imbalance or menopausal symptoms with severe fatigue weakness low feel and loss of libido pleasure. This phase attracts many negative feelings, depression, stress,body ache, swelling, heaviness and abnormal shape of the body. Over all Femo turbo design scientifically in preview of pretext problems to restore your complete health naturally, maintain your perfect joy happiness making you happier, attractive, glow fullcharming, blissful and cheerful life. It is formulated on the principle of Ayurvedic medicine in order to cope up physical, uterus and mental strength.Femo Turbo is a women’s best supplement cares you as you cares your beloved ones. It ensure naturally perfect life enjoy with happiness.It helps to fight from emotional stress and fatigue. Helps to reshape your body, restore health and regulate menstrual period.Suggested dose is 2 tsf (10 gms) once a day with milk. Caution :It’s use should be avoided in severe chronic hyperacidity and massive menstrual bleeding.Femo turbo cares and maintain you overall in teenager, fertile age, pre and post-menopausal .No doubt you can say Femo turbo is Women’s best friend supplement.Women’s who don’t care about nutrition and nutrients intake ,gradually they are losing health, feeling irritated, depressed, fatigue , painful bloated body, unhappy shape of body push and bound toward depression, fatigue ,weakness, body ache ,low feel and disinterest in life.

No worries ☺️

Ensure your good health and perfect life with Dr.Bhargav’sFemo turbo.

Multiple sets of product design to meet your need and compliance .We recommend to identify your needs and get it .Buy Ayurvedic products online Now.

Men’s gift your partner on auspicious days like birthday and marriage anniversary. It wills brings closer feel and senses with lovely care.


We also offer products related to general wellness for overall health and other health-related issues such as 

  • Depression.
  • Mental Health.
  • Constipation.

And other related health problem which arises due to sexual disorders.

Sexual Disorders Male & Female

Sexual Disorders is now a common term for society. Scientifically infertility means inability to procreate. It is a condition of the body that can affect the reproductive of male/female.             

Till now it was believed that only females are responsible as infertile, but now society has changed its mind and accept that males are equally responsible for fertility.
Male Infertility includes

 1.Erectile dysfunction 

 2.Premature Ejaculation 

 3. Oligo / azoospermia (low or no sperm in semen analysis)

 4. Natural sexual desire, coitus, libido are stages of relaxation of mind and body.

Female infertility includes 

1. Interrupted sexual desire. This includes decreased sexual desire or interest in sex. 
2. Inability to become a aroused
3. Lack of orgasm (anorgasemia)
4. Painful intercourse.   

But performance difficulties in bed lead to inferiority complex, mental stress, anxiety neurosis, and family relationships. Ayurveda is an ideal science that includes healthy lifestyles for body and soul (mind). Many Ayurvedic sculptures states the “Vajikaran Chikitsa” which narrate the healthy sex life of a person (man / woman) and ultimately lead to healthy expansion of families. 

Many researches have reported that excessive use of chemicals or fertilizers for overproduction of the crop makes the soil infertile. today’s infertility is possible due to lifestyle factors of an individual due to fast, stressful, highly salty food, junk food, spicy food, chemically manufactured food, consumption of oxytocin-induced milk products, smoking, alcoholism etc.

Bhargava Ayurveda Hammer of Joy who treat erectile dysfunction, night emission, low sperm count, low motivation, etc. can bring major positive changes in infertile males. It also helps in improving the quality and quantity of the reproductive system and it produces healthy sperm in the male and ovem in the female.
Healthy sperm and ovum can form healthy and mature embryos capable of building a healthy nation for the new healthy generation.
Bhargava Ayurveda Hmmer of Joy can perform very strongly positive in all such conditions to improve healthy sex and productivity in male and female reproduction.                      

 Please don’t run after the market products in the name of Ayurveda but consult the Ayurvedic physician, get checked your body temperament through Ayurvedic aspects and follow the the purely Ayurvedic treatments suggests by him for your healthy sexual life and healthy next generation. 
but seek advice from an Ayurvedic doctor, examine the nature of your body through Ayurvedic aspects and follow purely Ayurvedic treatmnets for your healthy sex life and healthy next generation. .

'I was suffering from the last 3-4 years. Even treatment also gave no results, then one day I saw the Advertisement for Dr. Bhargava’s Hammer of Joy Oil and Capsules in the newspaper. I used Dr. Bhargava’s Hammer of Joy oil and capsules as per direction and now I am fine'




'From the last 4-5 years, I had a problem. Then I saw the advertisement for Dr. Bhargava’s Hammer of Joy Oil and Capsules in the newspaper and used it as per the directions. Today, in 4 months I am feeling much better than before'



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